Kearny Municipal Utilities Authority Pump Station Repairs

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The Kearny Municipal Utilities Authority (KMUA) recently completed pump station improvements that are being funded with approximately $1.5 million in a SAIL loan from the NJ Water Bank, a joint low-rate funding program of the DEP and the NJ I-Bank. The total construction cost of the project was $4,942,398 and qualified for FEMA funding as the facility was damaged during Superstorm Sandy. The Water Bank provided SAIL loan funds in advance of FEMA reimbursements and assisted the KMUA by overseeing compliance with FEMA requirements. Total savings for this project are estimated to be $273,488 over the 20-year term of the loan, or 19% of the total project cost. In addition, this project created an estimated 18 direct construction jobs.  

The repairs provided mitigation measures to increase the resilience of the pumping stations and replaced some of the equipment that was at the end of its useful life.  

The project consisted of repairs to the Kearny Point and Harrison Avenue Pumping Stations including a new standby power generator and above-grade fuel storage tank with three-day capacity. New dry-pit submersible pumps were installed with a new pump header system, and associated work at the Kearny Point Pump Station. A new bar screen and a flood barrier were installed at the Harrison Avenue Pump Station.  

According to Alberto Santos, Mayor of Kearny, "We value our MUA and their dedication to operate as efficiently as possible. This project improved operations at both pump stations, enhancing resilience and ensuring reliable wastewater conveyance. The more we stay on top of maintenance and planning for the future, the more we can pass savings on to our residents." 

This project was designed by Mott MacDonald, LLC and constructed by Coppola Services, Inc.

Pictures courtesy of Mott MacDonald, LLC.

Published 7/30/2019