Mendham Township Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Upgrade

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The Mendham Township Sewerage Authority (MUA) recently completed wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) improvements that are being funded with approximately $3.7 million in loans from the NJ Water Bank, a joint low-rate funding program of the DEP and the NJ I-Bank. Total savings for this project are estimated to be $1.5 million over the 30-year term of the loan or 40% of the total project cost. In addition, this project created an estimated 44 direct construction jobs.  

The existing treatment system was in a state of hydraulic failure resulting in effluent leakage along the side slopes and ponding over the system. These conditions presented a risk to public health and the environment and dictated the need for system replacement. 

Further improvements to the WWTP included the conversion of the existing settler/thickener unit and sand filter to a membrane bioreactor (MBR) system. In addition, the chemical feed systems that use chlorine, alum, and sodium bisulfate were eliminated, resulting in cost savings that make the new system more affordable. The lower effluent disposal system is an essential component of the treatment facility and disposes approximately 2/3 of the treatment facility's total effluent volume.  

Warren Gisser, Deputy Mayor of Mendham Township commended the MUA noting, "We are pleased to have this project near completion. This facility upgrade has allowed us to better manage waste water and reduce risks to public health and the environment.  Our partnership with the New Jersey Water Bank has provided cost savings to our rate payers representing a significant savings in financing over time."  

This project was designed by OnSite Engineering and constructed by Coppola Services, Inc. 

Pictures courtesy of OnSite Engineering.

This post was published  on 9/25/18