Gloucester County Utilities Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

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The Gloucester County Utility Authority recently (GCUA) completed wastewater treatment plant improvements that are being funded with approximately $1.7 million in loans from the NJ Water Bank, a joint low-rate funding program of the DEP and the NJIB. Including interest cost savings, total savings for this project are estimated to be $686,039, over the 30-year term of the loan or 40% of the total project cost. In addition, this project created an estimated 20 direct construction jobs.     

Improvements to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) included the installation of primary clarifier equipment, an alga sweep system and pumps for the East and West Primary Clarifiers located in the Gloucester County Utilities Authority Water Reclamation Facility located in West Deptford, NJ. 

Robert M. Damminger, Freeholder Director of Gloucester County applauds the project, stating that "The GCUA is dedicated to protecting public health and the environment. To do this, they operate an efficient facility and maintain their assets. This project is an example of their commitment to improve the water treatment process for optimal protection of our most precious resource at the lowest possible prices."  

This project was designed by Remington, Vernick Engineers, and constructed by Clyde N. Lattimer and Sons with Envirodyne Systems, Inc.  

Pictures courtesy of Remington Vernick Engineers.

Published 7/3/2018