Burlington Township Sanitary Sewer Main Rehabilitation

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The Township of Burlington recently completed the rehabilitation of sanitary sewer mains that is being funded with approximately $704,700 in loans from the NJ Water Bank, a joint low-rate funding program of the DEP and the NJIB. Total savings for this project are estimated to be $160,430, over the 20-year term of the loan or 22% of the total project cost. In addition, this project created an estimated 8 direct construction jobs.  

A TV inspection of the sanitary sewers revealed advanced deterioration of the existing asbestos cement pipes. The rehabilitation work consisted of using a trenchless technology to line the existing mains with cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP). In addition, 261 leaking sewer laterals will be sealed at the connection using a chemical grout and approximately 50 manholes have been repaired with an interior application of an epoxy coating. 

According to Mayor Brian Carlin, the project benefits the community: "Burlington Township continues to take advantage of the significant cost savings afforded to its residents by participating in the funding programs being offered by the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank. As its name suggests, the Bank provides funding for infrastructure projects such as our ongoing sanitary sewer rehabilitation program at very attractive interest rates. Through this program Burlington Township has rehabilitated approximately 20 miles of aging asbestos cement pipes and hundreds of manholes. Burlington Township takes great pride in maintaining its water and sewer utilities.  The Township endeavors to maintain its utilities in optimum operating condition and efficiently providing these services to our residents at the lowest affordable rates.  The NJ Infrastructure Bank has played and continues to play a significant role in these efforts." 

The project was designed by the in-house staff of the  Burlington Township Engineering Department and built by All State Power Vac, Inc. 

Pictures courtesy of the Burlington Township Department

Published 6/12/2018