Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority Diesel Storage Tank

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Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority recently constructed a 10,000-gallon diesel storage tank for fuel supply to emergency generators. The project is being funded with $2.1 million in loans from the NJEIFP, a joint funding program of the DEP and the NJEIT. Because the project addresses resiliency goals for Sandy impacted systems, the SA qualified for a Sandy SRF loan package that consists of approximately $400,000 in Principal Forgiveness and $1.2 million at 0 interest from the DEP and $526,000 in a loan from the Trust at the AAA market rate. Total savings to ratepayers, including interest cost savings, is estimated to be $1 million.

This project partly consists of the installation of a new digester gas treatment system and chemical feed system modifications. The new system simultaneously increases plant efficiency and protects power supply assets, resulting in cost savings to the plant. By converting digester gas production into a sustainable energy supply, the SA is generating its own energy ensuring uninterrupted service in the face of severe storms and blackouts.

This project was designed by CDM Smith and constructed by Spectraserv.

Pictures courtesy of Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority.

Published 12/26/2016