Roxbury Township Treatment Plant & Pump Station Improvements

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Roxbury Township recently completed Clean Water improvements that are being financed with approximately $4.5 million in loans from the NJ Water Bank, a joint low-rate funding program of the DEP and the NJ I-Bank. Total savings for this project are estimated to be $1.7 million over the 30-year term of the loan or 38% of the total project cost. In addition, this project created an estimated 52 direct construction jobs. 

The project included the replacement of eight rotating biological contactor units and the removal of sludge from four bays. Three raw sewage pumps and controls were replaced, as well as sluice and slide gates. Mechanical bar screens were installed, and a new headworks building was constructed. 

The dry well was decommissioned which included the removal of pumps, piping and equipment. New submersible pumps were installed in the wet well. A new sewage grinder was installed in a new precast concrete chamber. Permanent bypass pump connections were installed to provide temporary bypass pumping. Additional site work included electrical work and HVAC.

According to Bob DeFillippo, Mayor of Roxbury Township, “This project will improve the resiliency of the facilities and provide more efficient treatment during extreme wet weather events. We are dedicated to the methodical replacement of critical equipment that will improve our water quality while saving our rate payers costs. The loan from the NJ Water Bank helped accomplish this.” 

This project was designed by Mott MacDonald and constructed by Allied Construction Group, Inc., Coppola Services, Inc., and DeMaio Electric Company, Inc.

Picture courtesy of Mott Macdonald

Published 1/25/2021