Updated Camden County MUA Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

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NJ I-Bank Project of the Week: Camden County MUA Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades. Authority receives $71,993,594 in Water Bank loans. Estimated savings to ratepayers of $29,394,574.

The Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority The Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) recently completed clean water improvements that are being funded with approximately $72.0 million in loans from the NJ Water Bank, a joint low-rate funding program of the DEP and the NJ I-Bank. This project qualified for principal forgiveness totaling $13,543,349 as it improved resiliency. Including interest cost savings, total savings for the project is estimated to be $29.4 million over the 30-year term of the loan or 41% of the total project cost. In addition, this project created an estimated 862 direct construction jobs. 

The project consisted of upgrades to the Anaerobic Digester and the Combined Heat and Power Facility to enhance wastewater treatment performance, improve resiliency and reduce the plant’s carbon footprint. The most significant component of the project was the construction of a sludge digester which reduces sludge output by approximately 50%, minimizes odor potential and creates enough biogas to generate approximately 50% of the electricity needed to power the plant. 

Commissioner Jefferey Nash, of the Camden County Board of Commissioners commended the CCMUA for its dedication to the community and the environment. “This project minimizes adverse impacts from the plant’s effluent on the Delaware River, reduces its carbon footprint and improves resiliency. Moreover, the CCMUA’s strategic financing with the NJ Water Bank saved its ratepayers a substantial 41% of the total project costs over time.”

This project was designed and managed by D&B/Guarino Engineers, LLC. The Anaerobic Digester was constructed by Northeast Remsco Construction, Inc. The Combined Heat and Power Facility was constructed by Camden Bioenergy, LLC.

Picture courtesy of D&B/Guarino Engineers, LLC

Published 9/8/2021 and updated 9/9/21