NJWSA Round Valley Reservoir Structures Improvements

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NJ I-Bank Water Infrastructure News (WIN):

$60,257,882 Water Bank Loan to the NJ Water Supply Authority saves ratepayers approximately $17,901,524.

The NJ Water Supply Authority (“NJWSA”) recently completed clean water improvements to the Round Valley Reservoir that are being financed with approximately $60.3 million in loans from the NJ Water Bank, a low-rate funding program jointly administered by the DEP and the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank (“I-Bank”). Total savings for this project, including interest cost savings is estimated at $17.9 million over the 30-year term of the loan or 30% of project cost, in comparison to the NJWSA financing the project on its own. This project also created an estimated 720 direct construction jobs.

This project financed improvements to the structures and resources at the Round Valley Reservoir to decrease seepage and increase stability and proper drainage. Existing abutments were grouted, filters replaced, and abutment slopes were flattened.  Leaks in the South Dam Tower Structure were repaired and the 10-inch connecting main was replaced.

Additionally, the NJWSA dredged along an 800-foot-long channel to remove sediment and restore the channel to its original lines and grades to regain full operational function of the intake.

The downstream slopes of all three embankments of the reservoir were retrofitted with improved drainage and filters to prevent soil migration. Finally, building maintenance was performed. This project provided resiliency to multiple wastewater and potable water treatment facilities within the floodway of the Raritan River, downstream of the reservoir.

Marc Brooks, Executive Director of the NJWSA, and prominent steward of drinking water sources within the State, noted that this project won an Alliance for Action Leading Capital Construction Projects Award.  “The integrity of the structures at Round Valley helps to reduce the risk of negative impacts to the ecological health of the Raritan River. The system has been rehabilitated using design standards that have advanced since these structures were originally designed and built. Long-term risk reduction and increased resiliency for downstream infrastructure were provided with strategic financing offered by the Water Bank that save money and mitigate rate increases for customers and rate payers.”

This project was designed by Schnabel Engineering. The dredging was performed by Mount Construction Co., the regrouting was performed by Keller Corporation, and the earthen dam and ancillary improvements were constructed by Thalle Construction Company.

Pictures courtesy of Schnabel Engineering

Published July 9, 2024