Wildwood City Capital Improvement Plan

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Wildwood City recently replaced outdated infrastructure capitalizing on savings from three distinct I-Bank financing programs for one project: the drinking water and clean water programs within the Water Bank and the Transportation Bank. Wildwood City’s capital improvement plan was funded with resources from the Water Bank, a financing program, jointly administered with the DEP for water quality projects. The Transportation Bank is jointly administered with the DOT for transportation infrastructure projects. By capitalizing on all three programs, the city saved over $2 million. In addition, all three components of this project created an estimated 156 direct construction jobs.

 Wildwood City replaced its outdated sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems throughout the city. The storm drainage work included the replacement of existing stormwater pipes, and the installation of new pipes where there had originally been none. The project also included the construction of three storm water pump stations, fire hydrants and other associated appurtenances. The storm water component of the project will alleviate severe flooding experienced by the community in this area and improve infiltration due to flooding. Both benefits will greatly improve environmental health and public safety.

 The drinking water component of the project was mostly proactive, targeting parts of the system that were most susceptible to future failures. Some of the existing water mains were cement and some of the services were galvanized, both in need of replacement to maintain the quality of the drinking water distributed to the public. The water main replacement will facilitate proper maintenance of the city’s distribution system.

 Both water components of the project required either milling and overlaying or full-depth reconstruction of the affected roadways. Due to the volume of traffic on the surrounding roads, proper drainage and roadway conditions are critical in these locations. The Transportation Bank financed this component of the project with low-interest loans.

According to Ernie Troiano, Jr., Mayor of Wildwood City, “The projects financed by the I-Bank in partnership with the DEP and DOT enhance the overall quality of life in Wildwood and contribute to the city’s potential growth. Because of our reliance on tourism, we are committed to maintaining a clean and reliable water supply without flooding or infiltration. This project will benefit commerce and improve the health and safety of our residents and visitors. By jointly financing the projects through the I-Bank, we have provided our community with water quality benefits, smooth roadways, and substantial savings.”

 All three components of this project were designed by Remington Vernick Engineers and constructed by Charles Marandino, LLC. Water mains were replaced by Perna Finnigan, Inc.